Friday, April 10, 2009

Exploring Painting on Fabric

I am enjoying teaching myself the art of painting on fabric. This is just ordinary cotton fabric that I bought at a bolt-end sale. It has a layer of gel medium on it, and then I painted the flowers on.
I started out using Textile paints, and have now combined those with inexpensive acrylic paints for the variety of colors that they offer. These beauties will be fused onto a commission quilt that I am in the midst of making.


  1. I like seeing your techniques, I am working the other way around this week: taking paintings and drawings from my sketchbook, printing them on fabric then adding more fabric (fused), more screenprinting and lots of hand stitch. It's fun to push the envelope!

  2. Cheap acrylic paint is wonderful for painting on fabric and you can really get carried away and paint walls and furniture in your studio with it.

    really admire your ability to focus.

  3. This is lovely too. And I get the concept a little better. I'm a hand embroiderer so wondering if I can use acrylic and stitch on it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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