Monday, April 06, 2009

Mixed Media Art Book

Windows and Doors - 2-sided free-standing fabric accordion book
Household screen was sewn between each panel, to slip the chop stick through, and a rubber washer on the lower portion of each stick holds them into place, to prevent slippage
A collection of photographs from my travels of windows and doors; each panel is 8x8; painted with fabric paints onto white fabric that had been treated first with gel medium. Each panel was sewn onto wool felt and free-motion machine quilted, the photographs are laser color copies and have been adhered with gel medium onto the painted panel. Household screen is the frame for each photograph.
Stanford University
Pelton House, Ashland, Oregon
The inspiration for this project came from Laura Cater Woods
and Judy Coates Perez, who both have made cloth books


  1. wonderful! I am constantly amazed at the Individual and highly original results fro this approach to the media.

  2. Really lovely. I like how all the photos are related by the arch/doorway theme and not just a mix of travel photos.

  3. Just beautiful. I like how the subject (architecture) is mimicked int the form. Next time (you are going to make more, yes?) you might think about dyeing the sticks,too, to integrate them still more, visually. I love the piece.

  4. very cool, I love seeing how one idea leads another, it is just endless isn't it? the rubber washer on the chopstick is brilliant.

  5. This is really wonderful, Jamie. I love it!

  6. Fantastic. I love every detail.

    I've been using felt backings lately too. I'm not sure I've found the best felt... what do you use and where do you get it? And is it super spendy?

  7. Very original and crative Jamie.
    Are the photos printed on paper or fabric?

  8. I love these, Jamie! The screening is so perfect for the framing and the dividers. Your photos are so crisp and clear. Are they photo transfers on fabric or paper? If they are on fabric, what method did you use to keep your colors so vivid?

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous. It looks like you have had a lot of fun with each of them! Thanks for sharing.

  10. oh yea. this is a beautiful piece!


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