Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dinner at Eight

I love the fact that we can all come together as friends, to have great talks, laughter, sharing our day, drinking wine, eating AND being ourselves!
These pictures are from a variety of nights at Festival.
We begin all of our dinners with a toast by Rachel Parris
"Here's to strong women; may we raise them, may we know them, and may we be them!"
Judy Coates Perez and her daughter Nina
Rachel Parris and Leslie Tucker Jenison
(photo taken by Judy Perez)
Kathy York and Rachel Parris
(photo taken by Judy Perez)

Left to right - Nina and Judy Perez, Susie Monday, Iris Karp, Kathy York and Rachel Parris
Melly Mells is so relaxed with a spoon on her nose;
Frances Holliday Alford, pretty in pink, rising to the challenge

Melly Mells Testa "I use Mistyfuse"

Spoon balancing "I use Mistyfuse" - Leslie smiling with ease; I smiled, the spoon fell off!
Thursday night -Leslie Tucker Jenison, Melly Mells Testa and Judy Coates Perez
me, talking off the top of my head


  1. Oh, does that look like a fun dinner party! I love you art work on your pin, it looks fantastic. Keep on partying! Give Melly Mels a hug from me. Cheers.

  2. a glamourous dinner party, then a pajama party? Sounds like continuous partying to me! And totally fun. Glad Houston was such a success---of course, you worked very hard to achieve that success. Kudos!!!!

  3. You look so elegant! Where did you have dinner? It also looks elegant. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and a LOT of fun. Sorry I didn't run into you.

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS black lacy dress there, Jamie, looking fabulous and having way lots of fun!!! Your enthusiasm for the entire affair is infectious in your writing, thanks for sharing!!


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