Thursday, October 15, 2009


One of my workshops - Recycle an Altoid Box with paper collage
Team teaching with Leslie Tucker Jenison on how to make your own stamps and fabric.
Here she is leading our class in the imperfection pledge

I love the joy of this womans face as she stamps the fabric and sees the results!
I always admire a woman who can participate in a messy workshop wearing silk! Her stamp design is beautiful.
Open Studios: free motion machine quilting on a Bernina 440; I demonstrated Mistyfusing
This button was made for me by Iris Karp of Mistyfuse, with my artwork on it! Can you imagine? I am so honored to have a pin to wear at Festival with my artwork and my favorite product for fusing! I have some to hand out too. The other artists who also have their names/artwork on the pins are Judy Coates Perez, Pamela Allen, Yvonne Porcella and Esterita Austin.
Here I am sewing, proudly wearing my pin on the left side of my shirt. I met Sherry Boram this morning, which I was thrilled about. Lyric Kinard and Larkin Van Horn came by to say hello. As did Rachel Parris and Frances Holliday Alford. Jane Davila was coming in for the next shift, and it was fun to visit with her.


  1. Lovely colors & design. Thanks for your insights in this post, but I do wish I had been there to watch you give the demonstration.


  2. Great looking piece, under that sewing machine, and cool button indeed. Congrats on being such a star!!!

  3. I gobbled up the pin with your work on it when I saw it at market - too yummy!!! It's living on inspiration wall now.

    Next time I'm at Houston I want in on the painting party - what an AMAZING idea!


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