Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Work in Progress - Part 2

Antique metal sequins, metal washers and a red running stitch with #8 embroidery thread has been added to this section carrying the theme through each piece. You can click on the photos to see the details.
Sections are being added and zipped together
You can see the embossed iron-on aluminum better in this picture. I am thinking it might need some antiquing, so I am looking for a solution for that...possibly a trip to the bead store might be in order.
I am finding that black Mistyfuse acts as an excellent fray stabilizer by ironing it onto the edges of some fancy fabrics. No more stiff Fray Check for me!


  1. Jamie, this is really coming along! Nice tip for the Misty Fuse, too, thanks. :D

  2. Jamie, I've painted on aluminum foil with regular acrylics, so that might work to antique the Glue Foil. If the paint beads up or crawls, rub-n-buff should work.


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