Friday, November 20, 2009

Work in Progress

This is cool stuff from Strueter Technologies - Aluminum Glue Foil that you can emboss and iron onto your art quilt. It is available at Soft Expressions in Anaheim
I ran a few pieces - one at a time through my Cuddlebug embossing machine
and this is how it looks after it is embossed. I will cut out smaller pieces and iron them onto the art quilt that I am working on now.
This is one part of a 6-piece zipped together art quilt that is part of my "Heavy Metal" series. I am free-motion machine quilting all of the fabrics to wool felt. The continuing theme through all of the pieces is a circle. I love the entire process of making an art quilt. Now onto the embellishing and the aluminum glue foil.


  1. This looks made to order for your heavy metal work!!

  2. Very cool project! Where do you find your fabrics (or do you dye/paint/etc them yourself)?

  3. It all looks quite impressive.

  4. Your piece is coming together nicely. Thanks for sharing the process here.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the embossed circles. Really awesome! And it will look so good on your new heavy metal quilt! It is coming along very nicely! Seriously makes me want a jitterbug....


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