Friday, December 18, 2009

New Window Treatment

Gesso'd canvas from Dick Blick by the yard. I painted it with Liquitex Acrylic Paint, Black Puffy Paint and Sharpie Pens. It hangs on clips and rings on a rod in my art room at home, which is now a new guest room.
Detail #1
Detail #2


  1. Awesome! It would be hard to be anything but happy in a room with that kind of window treatment. Great job.

  2. Sweet! Perhaps I need to do this! Birds on my sewing room window!

  3. Love this Jamie. Proves I was right and my 4th grade teacher was wrong! I outined all my artwork with black and she said I should NOT do that.
    Black is the perfect finish. Without the black outlines many things are just toally BLAH!
    She got me so upset IA tore up my 4th grade report card and still have the pieces!!!!!!


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