Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Year in Review 2009 - Fabulous!

Molar Eclipse - SAQA: A Sense of Humor - Festival in Houston

Seasons - CommissionCut-Loose Group Library Quilts featured in this magazineTwisted Sister blog featured in this bookMake-It-University - Festival in Long Beach - workshops and open studios
Open Studio sign "how to" featured in Studios magazine Fall 2009Coffee on the House - SAQA One Foot Square Auction - sold in the first roundGarden Party - Commission
Spilling Over - Contemporary Quilts at the Muckenthaler

Home Sweet Home - IQA Auction at Festival in HoustonPortals - Festival in Houston - World of BeautyPointless Possibilities - "Edges" special exhibit - Festival Long Beach/Houston

Co-curated "Edges" with Leslie Tucker Jenison - Festival in Long Beach & HoustonWomen Friends - Art Quilts Lowell
ABC Bakers - Girl Scout ecco bag - 15,000 printed for the 2010 cookie programApron as Personal Armor - Cloth, Paper, Scissors Mar/Apr issueGuest on Quilting Arts TV - Series 400

I'm a Mistyfuse Girl - buttons were distributed at Festival in Houston!Make-It-University - workshops and open studios - Festival in Houston
and the icing on the cake...Heavy Metal 2006 first in a series by the same name; Contemporary Quilts at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton; sold to Gregory Maguire, the author of "Wicked."


  1. Sherry B3:59 AM

    Wow Jamie...it was a very good year for you and for everyone who gets to see your art. Thanks for the best year-ender wrapup I've ever seen!

  2. WOW! Way to go Jamie! It's pretty impressive just looking at one pic of each achievement........ nevermind living through the creation and all those happy dances upon acceptance and notifications.

    Well-deserved congratulations again!!!!

  3. Very impressive, Jamie! WTG!!

  4. Holy cow Jamie!! WOW! all that in one short year! Productive (no surprise there -- you are ideas looking for time), rewarding (totally well deserved!) AND thrilling! I had goose bumps on my arms and joy in my heart as I read through that long, impressive list. Best wishes for more of the same in 2010!! Iris

  5. Gee, Jamie, I'm just not sure you have enough to do to fill your time, I think I counted ten minutes back in June that you were resting! :D

    Well done, you!! :D

  6. Ummm, you don't seem to be busy enough, Jamie, so I thought you might like to come help me sort out my new quilting studio, organize my mixed media room, teach me some of your Philosophy of Art and Living, and maybe bake a pie ... the next time you have an afternoon free!
    Seriously, congratulations on a HUGE year, and looking forward to seeing what you do NEXT!
    Linda, now in San Antonio

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    What a fabulously beautiful year you've had!

  8. A year in retrospect with you is so colorful and bright!! I always get a lift when I see your work!

  9. Anonymous5:50 AM

    What a fantastic year and a great idea to review your successes in blog entry!


  10. Jamie, what a wonderful collection of color and cloth and...Girl Scout treasures!


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