Thursday, January 06, 2011

Really Cool Cell Phone Cover

My HTC Evo Cell Phone as a new outfit - a Skin from   I realized later that I could have put a piece of paper over the front of the phone to take the picture, but I think this is kinda cool.

This quilt design is from my award winning "Metal Measures" piece for the Alliance of American Quilts, which consists of measuring tape fabric and zippers!  Pretty darn cool to have this design cover my phone


  1. This is SO cool! Seriously! I want to do this with one of my quilts. Is it the hard case kind or a spongy one?

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaay cool indeed!

  3. I'd love to personalize my phone and IPad with one of my art quilts - it would make it harder to lose them! Does Skin it make custom covers?

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