Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jasmine Pearl Tea House for ONE

Jasmine Pearl Tea House for the ONE fundraiser.  Commercial cottons and batiks Mistyfused onto wool blended felt, zipper trim and free motion machine quilted.  Click here for the scoop on Virginia Spiegel's blog, and here to read my profile


  1. That is so cute. I love how you always work those zippers in. You are so clever. I'm off to get the scoop on Virginia's blog.

  2. Is that an actual zipper? That is so cool. Why didn't I think about that!

  3. Wonderful color and movement! LOVE the texture of the ZIPPER!

  4. This one makes me wish I could go in there and share a cup of tea and a long visit with you right now. All of the collages I have seen are just wonderful.

  5. Lisa Jenkins8:55 AM


    I love the Jasmine Pearl quilt---reminds me of my travels in China.

    Your work is just inspiring!

    Lisa Jenkins


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