Thursday, February 24, 2011

Create Q&A with Leslie and Jamie

Meet CREATE Instructors Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jenison

1. When did you start creating art individually?
Leslie:  I've been interested in art my entire life.  I fell in love with quilt making in the late 70s.
When my family moved to San Antonio in 1997,  I became interested in surface design and mixed media, and combining these great passions has consumed me ever since.
Jamie: I've been making art as long as I can remember, first as a graphic artist, then decoupage boxes and suitcases with fabric and paint. I made my first quilt in the early 80's, onto art quilting in 2001, and wrote a book in 2007.
Now we are team teaching and we bring a variety of strengths to the working relationship that compliment one another quite well.  We are both passionate about what we do and bring fun and laughter to the classroom.

2. What can students can expect out of your workshop Sheer Imagination at CREATE Costa Mesa?
Separately from each other we have been experimenting with laminating paper and cloth together. This is a very interesting way to create a unique material which can be used for a wide variety of textile, quilt, and mixed media work. It is a technique that is not taught very often, because of the many supplies that are needed..  Since one of us lives locally, we knew it could be done, and we are thrilled to offer this 2-day workshop! Learn more and register now.

3. Where did you find your inspiration for this workshop?
We felt that we wanted to look beyond the art quilt and create an art apron that expresses any theme the student desires. The aprons are totally wearable and will be one of a kind works of art that are sewn. Jamie has made 3 unique mixed media aprons. I love the symbology of the apron as a means of expressing an idea. We have both created a number of mixed media pieces using the lamination technique and are very excited to share this with our students.

4. What other hobbies to do enjoy besides making art?
Leslie:  I am an avid photographer, reader, cook, blogger, and gardener. I am also a private pilot.
Jamie: I also enjoy gardening, reading, writing, photography, have a few blogs and love to cook.

5. What are you most excited for at CREATE Costa Mesa?
We love the whole atmosphere of this retreat! The students are really enthusiastic and focused, yet we have a blast with them, and we love seeing the other instructors, many of whom have become close friends, and meeting the new instructors and getting to know them. Costa Mesa has a lot to offer CREATE attendees because of the close proximity to a wide range of shopping, restaurants, the beach, etc. It is going to be a great place for this retreat!!

6. What is your favorite memory of CREATE 2010?
That is a tough one to answer because there were so many great memories! One that stands out for us is that the students and instructors were so inspiring. One of the best moments for us was seeing the Student Showcase at the end of the week and looking at the amazing things everyone had "CREATE"ed during the retreat. Truly, it was astonishing.

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