Sunday, February 20, 2011

Table Top Folding Art!

Paper Collage made into a six sided accordion book.  Made in layers using paper and sheers on 6x6 watercolor paper and black card stock for the back.  Gloss varnish was applied with a fan brush in between layers to create depth.  Stamps brushed with black acrylic paint were stamped onto the paper pages and sealed with Gloss Varnish

Close-up - I used sketches from an altered book that I made and reduced the images for the focus point of each page

Another view


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Jamie.. this is super! Great Table Art! reminds me of my paperbags in a way.. so fun, isn't it!
    I am in the middle of a class with Pamela allen, then I will make more bags... I like them as gifts.
    thank you for sharing this... best always,

  2. What a great accordion book! I love the movement and the colors!

  3. I love the paper accordion book! Let's make some more!


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