Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highlights from Festival, Part 1

2 full carts of suitcases, bags, boxes, canvas and stuff!

Paint Palette...colors are just yummy.

Musical Chairs: A Painted Canvas Adventure - all day class taught with my teaching partner, Leslie Tucker Jenison on Thursday!

The Space Between - Dinner at Eight Artists - Dinner at the Hyatt on Friday night

Me Mistyfusing in MIU - Open Studios

Playful Painting on Canvas - another class we taught on Saturday afternoon - which was so much fun!

Make-It-University "Surviving the Runway" - Royal Wedding Hat Making.  The crew - Jane LaFazio, Leslie Tucker Jenison, me, Judy Coates Perez and Pokey Bolton

"Surviving the Runway" participants with their lovely creations on their heads!


  1. so great to see you and hang with you Jamie! and oh my, didn't the time go quickly??? xoxoxo

  2. OH How FUN!! Love the photos -makes wish we were there :o)

  3. One of my highlights was getting to see you! We had SO MUCH FUN yesterday!


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