Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More photos from Festival

Special Exhibit "The Space Between" co-curated by Leslie Tucker Jenison and me on behalf of Dinner at Eight Artists

Leslie and I taught "Musical Chairs:  A Painted Canvas Adventure" - an all day class of collaborative painting.  This painting concept is a great way to overcome fear of the blank canvas.

Postcards and ATC's made by our students with their segments of the painted canvas

Open Studios in Make-It-University - I was working on some pieces from my DVD "Rebel Quilting."  Leslie was working on an Apron as Personal Armor for CREATE in Chicago

My project for Open Studios with my favorite Havel's Scissors

Another class that Leslie and I taught - "Playful Painting on Canvas" - a 3-hr class of collaborative painting.  At the end of the class, the canvas is cut up and segments are given to the students for their own use.

You can see the painting coming together, with the addition of white and black paint

2 Canvas' side by side.  Aren't they great?

This was taken 1 hour after Festival ended.  The carpet along Main Street is totally out in the vendor area.  Our exhibit was taken down and rolled into a large crate to take it to Houston!  We're still looking for sponsors for our exhibit, if anyone out there is interested for Quilt Market/Festival in Houston 2011.

My treasures from Festival - 3 fabulous pieces of fabric, and trim. 

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