Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 24th Anniverary to Us!

October 24, 1987 - marrying the love of my life and becoming a step-mom. We had a fabulous day when we said our vows, feeling the love of family and friends, singing, and praying.  Life's blessings on our marriage.  Experiencing pure joy, laughter, dancing, the cake, and being a family.  What could be better than that?
Me and my two loves!


  1. Beautiful! Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time celebrating.

  3. Happy anniversary Jamie, my husband and I were married April, 1987. I sit and think where has the time gone?? The big 25 is coming up!! We are going on a cruise. I love your work. I just became a follower. Come visit sometime. :):) hugs

  4. Happy Anniversary! I hope you've had a wonderful celebration!

  5. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Anniversaries are pretty special.Hope you had a lovely day.


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