Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Power Suit Challenge

"Flower Power"
My ultimate power suit is all about the color pink for softness, flowers for happiness and zippers to remind myself to be bold and brave.  The hot pink dingle balls are all about having fun in everything that I do.

Close up of the breast plates

Commercial cottons Mistyfused to black wool felt, checked trim, measuring tape trim, zipper trim, dingle balls, rick rack, YKK zipper, silk orange roses and mother of pearl buttons.  Free motion machine quilted, hand embroidery.
The Power Suit challenge, over 100 art quilts (18" square)  based on the theme “Power Suits” will debut at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.  October 22-23.  Saturday hours are 4-8pm, including an artists reception.  Sunday hours are Noon-5pm.  Admission is free. 

When a local tailor contacted Cyndi Souder to offer her his outdated fabric swatches, a quilt challenge was born. Teaming with friend and associate Judy Gula (owner, Artistic Artifacts),  Souder developed a theme - What does the "Power Suit" mean to you? 

The list of participating quilt artists in the Power Suits Art Quilt Challenge ranges from
nationally known names to quilters just starting out, resulting in a variety of techniques and perspectives. The exhibit includes 107 art quilts made by 105 quilt artists from the United States and Canada. According to the Quilting in America 2010 survey, there are over 21 million quilters in the United States.  A full list of participating artists can be found here.

To see some pictures from the opening - see Elizabeth Woodford's blog 

Look for Power Suit Quilts at these shows:


  1. Yea Jamie. This is so great! I love the softness and strength symbolism. You continue to inspire.

  2. Love the take on the female form! And the zippers, too! It's is fun to see what everyone came up with!

  3. very cool.. sooooooooo different than mine!

    where is the parts from the package? under the zipper?

  4. I love the punchy bright colors and I love that this power suit is so "you". Well done!

  5. So fun... but no power apron???

  6. I adore your quilt!! I did not realize till I was writing my blog post that our quilt names were so similar!!! We are two of a kind it seems!! I love the design and color and whimsical style of your piece!! as I said in my post it is so YOU!!!! Bravo!!

  7. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Love your quilt! There are so many layers of meaning and appreciation. It's impossible to look at your Power Suit quilt without smiling. And I admit to pulling down the zipper to see if you had hidden anything (I won't tell what I found!).

    See you in Houston.
    Cyndi Souder


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