Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Dress Form Project

A friend of mine had gone to a liquidation sale of some kind and found these dress forms, and they were very similar to the ones from Restoration Hardware selling for $300+  I paid only $60 for this one.  It has the look of linen that has been tea stained.  I usually have one of my aprons hanging on it. 
This is the back side, and you can see that towards the top,  I've begun to prep the dress form with Gesso.  I have no formal plans on how I am going to paint it.  We'll just see what evolves over time.  And this is just for fun!
Gesso has been brushed on all over the dress form

First layer of acrylic paint.  I used whatever was on hand - cheap stuff from Michael's, Liquitex and Modern Masters.  The cheap stuff had the worst coverage.  I followed the lines of the linen by mainly the seams.

Stencils were used with red paint.  Then I brushed on Liquitex Gloss medium to add another layer, to give the piece more dimension.

I started the next layer of paint with circles and triangles, and nothing was planned as to how I was going to paint it.  I just got the brush in my hand and went with it, which is unusual for me.

Front with paint design.  It so reminds me of my abstract art quilts.  I am always intrigued by how the different mediums that I enjoy, influence each other.

Front with the addition of black paint.  I can't say whether or not I am done painting, but I am done for now, because my time is going elsewhere, for other projects that have deadlines


  1. Its wonderful! would look brilliant just stood at the end of my hall!!!!!

  2. It looks amazing right now. A dress form would be such a fun thing to paint.

  3. How fun, love it!

  4. What a innovative idea! I love it and it was fun to see your step-by-step.

  5. These photos of your progression are so instructive. I love seeing the evolution, and how your gifted brain works.

  6. I loved seeing the photos as the work progressed. It looked like a lot of fun to paint!


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