Monday, October 17, 2011

Wearable Art eBook

I am happy to report that my "Apron as Personal Armor" has been included in an eBook about wearable art, from Cloth Paper Scissors.  Click here to see link.


  1. Congratulations yet again, Jamie. This has been quite a year for you!


  2. A fascinating exploration of fashion as an expressive medium, "Wearable Art" This eBook offers a visual feast and spiritual inspiration by skillfully merging the domains of art and fashion. It honors the imagination and inventiveness that go into creating wearable works of art with breathtaking images and perceptive commentary. Every page showcases cutting-edge designs that stretch the bounds of the imagination, encouraging readers to investigate the frontiers of conventional fashion. This eBook offers a glimpse into the transformational potential of clothes as a form of artistic expression, making it a must-read for anybody interested in art or fashion.
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