Monday, January 16, 2012

Heirlooms from the Homestead

This is a twin size quilt, that looks like it is completely hand quilted.  A friend said it might be the pattern "Kings Crossing."  I love the block with the red in it. Sort of like pin wheels.  It has sustained some damage in the blue squares, but it is in pretty good shape.  My Grandma Alice was a quilter, and she might have made this.  She is the one who taught me how to sew. 
This was a great surprise to find this nine patch quilt top, that was never finished.  I love the color scheme.  The blocks were hand sewn, but the sashing was done on the machine.

It's twin size, I am thinking that a nice addition might be some calico red circles added for fun and motion - bringing the old to the new.

Another view.  I am thinking of adding batting and backing and then pinning to my long arm for some fun stitching.  I love the fact that when done, it will have hand-stitched blocks, machine sashing, and long arm free motion machine quilting - connecting the years of quilting together!

another detail
Edges of a beautiful tablecloth.  Some stains, but overall pretty great.

This is the centerpiece of the tablecloth - could have been made for a marriage.


  1. How wonderful! I have several hand sewn quilts from my Great Grandma, mostly the Wedding Ring pattern. I LOVE looking all the vintage fabrics and colors used in each piece. My kids call them the "flu blankets" because I'd comfort and cover them up on the sofa with the quilts when they weren't feeling well! Your top quilt also looks like an All Hallows block design.

  2. Finding a box of quilts like these at the bottom on Grandma's hall closet is what got me started in quilting. Unfortunately, they had not been cared for, were very old, and fell apart in my hands as I lifted them from the cardboard box. I never forgot them - and carried on.


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