Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun in the Studio

On the door for the design room - up to my ears in fusing Batiks

Here's my palette of colors for a background of a future art quilt - and all Hoffman Batiks - my favorite!

Mistyfuse is carefully placed over the top of the wrong side of the fabric.  I'm using a 12" roll, that you can buy online directly from Mistyfuse

I am using a FAT Goddess Sheet over the top to secure the Mistyfuse on the fabric
I am cutting these into 5" strips

Now comes the AccuQuilt GO machine, where I have stacked 4 layers of fused fabrics onto the die that cuts 2" squares

The fabric is in between the die and the mat, and I am going to crank them through the machine

Here they are - all nicely cut, and now I have 48 squares of fabric - 8 different blue Batiks

This is what remains, which after awhile of cutting 2" squares, I will have a nice collection of these to make a pretty fun art quilt.  Imagine the possibilities!

The is the machine folded up and put back underneath the table
Now I have an interesting and fun background for a future project.  How easy was that?


  1. wow! really easy. and beautiful!

  2. Love it! Easy-peasy for sure!

  3. Love it. I find many uses for my Accuquilt that makes things easier.


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