Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Visit to the Visions Art Museum

The girls take a trip to the Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California
We came to see the member's show "Interpretations" which ends on January 22, 2012, and I would recommend that you go a see it.  37 artists, and a wonderful and diverse group of art quilts - all sizes.  The person who hung the show did a fabulous job contributing to the visual effects of the show from every angle.
View of the gallery, where members can display their work for sale

Another view looking toward the back portion of the gallery

The front of the gallery of pieces for sale

The is the beginning of the exhibit "Interpretations" to wet your curiosity.  There is no photography in the exhibit.  I loved seeing the quilts in person.  I was one of the jurors for this show and it was juried on-line.  It is fabulous!
The wall of crazy quilts made by members

The girls hanging out with some beautifully made dolls, by Charlotte Bird

Posing in front of the Quilt Visions 2010 exhibit catalog - reminding everyone that the deadline is looming to enter the 2012 show.

The girls in front of an amazing art quilt made by Wen Redmond, that is available to purchase in the gallery store.  She also has a piece in the current exhibition.

and this is pretty cool that one of the artists who has work in the exhibit, was featured in San Diego Home/Garden, Gillian Moss.  They showcased 11 visual artists in this issue.  The writer called me to talk about Gillian's piece in the show for some quotes, since I was one of the jurors, and the only one who actually makes art quilts.

She has a 3-page spread.  My quotes read "Gillian is an up and coming San Diego fiber artist who is going to be on the lookout for."  "There's a lot of playfulness in her work and i find it very intriguing that she uses a variety of fabrics - linens, flannels, leather, silk organza.  It's a challenge to use all those fabrics together.  It adds interest and texture."

Her piece in the Interpretations show is in the upper right hand corner "Second Chance."  Gillian is also a member of SAQA  (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and her website is here

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