Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Close Up - February Theme for TSC

Close Up is the theme for February on The Sketchbook Challenge.  I often draw with my sewing machine needle to create interest, movement and texture in my work.  This small piece is made entirely out of silk, and Mistyfused to black wool blended felt.  Call me a rebel, because I don't use batting!

Here is something people rarely see, the backs of my art quilts, which I am showing so you can see it close up.  This is the back of the three flower quilt above.  It is in these details that brings the viewer in for a closer look.
This is the back of a current project that I am working on, one of three quilts

Part of the same project, different art quilt.  By turning over the piece, I can clearly see if there are sections that I have missed, even if I can't see them on the front.

I would say that the majority of my free motion work is very organic in nature.  I only use black thread in my quilts.  The same theme of the circles runs through each of the quilts.

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