Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspiration in the Garden

Ferns and Primroses

A relaxing spot to read, drink tea and chat with a friend.  Fairy tale garden seeds have been planted through the middle of this flower cutting garden.  The sweet peas have popped through the ground.

The herb and small veggie garden

The Wisteria is blooming early this year.  It usually flowers in March.  It is so fragrant and wonderful.

We have one Hollyhock that is still blooming from last year.  Our first year-round bloomer.

The Nasturtiums have come up in force this year.  Their leaves are such a beautiful shade of green.  No orange flowers yet.  I can't imagine how amazing the garden will look when the buds open in all of their splendor.

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  1. Oh thank you! I so needed a gentle reminder that the color will one day return to our garden! Snow, snow and more snow is starting to be too much white for my liking!


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