Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Layers; my newest work.  20.5W x 39H.  This is made with silk, sheers, tulle, paper, batiks, on wool blended felt.  The fabrics were Mistyfused, some stenciling with acrylic paint and free motion machine quilted.  Layers of our life experiences.  The deepest layers reveal who we truly are, and leave us the most exposed, and perhaps fragile.  The outer layers are what we are the most comfortable in letting others see. 

Large detail


  1. Beautiful colors and the quilting is exquisite. One day I'll try fancy quilting. That's a deep thought about life you've mentioned to describe your quilt, do all your projects stem from deep feelings? I've almost finished my first quilting project, a simple table runner,my deepest thoughts about it are "Wow! nearly done!"

  2. It really sings Jamie... Beautiful layers


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