Thursday, February 02, 2012

Song Share Juliette! You Rock!

Line drawing of Juliette Low for the Song Share event in Southern California.  Be a sister to every Girl Scout!

This is another one of my drawings, with Juliette in a vintage Girl Scout uniform, and she is life size.  The organizers of this event did a fabulous job enlarging my artwork and creating amazing 2-sided decorations for this event!

From my a beautifully painted Juliette that is life size
Isn't this great?  Celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts.  This is a table centerpiece from my drawing!

another table centerpiece - Juliette in her vest!


  1. Happy to see a Happy Juliette at a SongFest. She sits by my desk, everyday at work. It's a good thing!

  2. Very cool, Jamie!!

  3. There is a new book out about Juliette, due to be released in a few days:

  4. Juliette is one of my heroes I love how you have depicted her.

  5. This is just super! She makes me smile and remember my old troop 1530 in Coronado. Great work, Jamie!


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