Friday, February 03, 2012

Free Motion Quilting...Where to Start?

Free Motion Machine Quilting - where to start?  This is a brief overview, but a more thorough lesson is on my DVD 'Rebel Quilting: Thinking Outside the Block.'  It also includes how to select fabrics, colors, and design.

I start in the middle, by anchoring my stitches in one place, and I am using a free motion foot.

Then I am choosing to echo some of the round circles, and not perfectly, I might add.  I am all about having fun, rather than perfection.  Just move the needle around, like it is your pen.  My starting thread on top and bottom needs to be cut, so I won't sew over it.

I am using the circles as my guide and then swirl some other stitches nearby, creating movement in the piece.

During this process, I go from straight to zig zag, depending on where I am on the piece.  

This piece is made with silk, Batiks, commercial cotton, paper, sheers and fused with Mistyfuse.  In the DVD, I show you how to fuse all kinds of fabrics, including sheers with Mistyfuse.

This is the finished art quilt.  In the DVD, I show you how to finish the edges without binding, but done the 'rebel way.'
Quilting Arts Workshop - Rebel Quilting; Thinking Outside the Block.  Click here to check it out!

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  1. Tsk tsk! You don't bury your thread ends? You just made my day.


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