Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Surface Design with a Twist and Shout!

Body Paint Barbie.  You know those times when you can't quite think of what you should be doing in your art studio?  I reached for a Barbie and decided to paint her body.  Think of it as a little sketchbook project. 

Don't her long legs look great in front of this watercolor?
Here she is, dashing through the garden, with her blue hands and all.  No green thumb to be had.  But, she does have an extra eye on her forehead to watch out for Ken.

Being one with nature...a thing of beauty!

A back view

Barbie is hanging out in the stash room with some Hoffman Batiks...which are a nice contrast!


  1. These pictures gave me a big smile today. Great way to start the day. Love the way you painted her.

  2. She gave me a giggle today. I am going to post this on one of my sites so you may get lots of extra hits.

  3. I love your blue and floral Barbie! She's a super cool chick! Fun too!

  4. LOL -- love the Third (googly) Eye. She looks like she belongs on a Susan Shie quilt. :)


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