Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hope House

House of Hope  14 H x 21 W.  This will be made into a pillow, as part of a window display to promote the non-profit organization 'Furnishing Hope.' 

H O P E is ransom lettering on paper, that has been Mistyfused onto the fabric and then stitched on

Detail of the sky and vines

Window display for Furnishing Hope, a non-profit who furnishes apartments for the Wounded Warrior Battalion at a moments notice.  The House Quilt Project that I started in 2010, supports this project by making 12x16 patriotic house quilts for the wall. 

Fleur De Lys, 369 E. 17th Street, #14, Costa Mesa, CA  92627 in Westport Plaza believes in giving back to the community by bringing awareness about non-profit organizations, and offering a shopping day.  Saturday, March 24th is the day!  Here's the scoop!  Check out their website

Tania Alexander of Furnishing Hope made my Hope House into a lovely pillow!

The display from the side.  My pillow is in a chair

Another view


  1. What a cozy house in a cute countryside! The pillow is adorable Jamie!

  2. Kudos Jamie! I admire how you stick by your charities. My instant thought was, what? no tea cup on the roof? The cushion is delightful:)

  3. Hello Jamie,
    I found you through Sketchbook Challenge. What a wonderful blog you have here. I love quilting although I've never done it. Beautiful colours. Fantabulous!


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