Monday, March 26, 2012

Purple House - Part 6 - Flowers

Today, I will be adding the vines, leaves and flowers to the sides of the purple house

I used a batik for the winding vine, and another for the stems, and yet another for the leaves.  I think this adds interest to the piece.  Now I am trying out different flowers.  The tulip or the circle?

The circle wins, simple because it is a calming shape, and I don't want the flowers to be to busy.  I want you eye to move from the flowers and vines, and to the house, or vise versa.  There are small circle flowers in the flower boxes.

Now I "trying out" what will be the centers of the flowers.  My big question is 'what pops?'

This one is fun, but too overpowering for the circle flower.
Okay, now we're talking - this commercial cotton will be perfect!  I can just cut out the circles and fuse them to the middle of each flower.  They have black outlines, and will give the centers some pizazz!

Things are taking shape!

This is the point where I start looking through the eye of my camera to see if I have achieved balance.  I can add more leaves and perhaps some curly stems somewhere.

For some more fun and interest, I added these blades of grass to the landscaping. 

The other side.  Next we're going to work on the bird at the top!

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