Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Making of My Artwork for the Art Box

For the Art Box CSA Project, I made nine house quilts that measured 8x8 using a foundation of black wool blended know the 'Rebel' way!  They were all made with Hoffman Batiks, commercial cottons and some hand-dyed pieces, and Mistyfused.  

Go to the website to see all of the amazing artwork by eight artists here

I am using red wool blended felt for the backing, because it is a nice complimentary color to the artwork.
Free motion quilting the landscaping, even zig zagging, because it is just fun!

This is the back after free motion machine quilting!

and here is how it looks on the front!
I painted the 1-1/2" sides, black - a couple of coats.  The small quilts were hand sewn in the upper portions of the quilt to the canvas in two places with matching thread.

My nine pieces for the Art Box CSA project
How cool is this?  You can buy a full box of 8 different pieces, or a half box with 4 different pieces.  The scoop is on the website

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  1. It was fun to see your progress and I like the idea of felt for the backing, makes a nice solid base and easy to stitch through.



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