Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happenings at the Studio

My studio is really close to the railroad tracks.  Usually we have the short 6 car Metrolink or Amtrak train go up and down these tracks during the day.  But this one kept coming, so I went outside to see what it was.  The circus train, which had to be more than 40 cars.

It was the never ending train, heading north

I have a lot of these Iris Mini Chests, moved them from my home studio, to my studio in an office park and to this studio.  I've been cleaning some out, to use my space more efficiently.  Contents are being put in plastic shoe boxes, larger clear boxes, and in other boxes to sell.

Here are some of the shoe boxes on the wire shelves
The first collaborative art project in my new studio with my dinner group. We usually eat dinner and drink together, but have never done any art.  This was totally fun!  We were trying to figure out if we could do the Musical Chairs painting project with poster paint and butcher paper, in hopes that 100 Girl Scouts could possibly do this on picnic tables at camp.  I think they can!

New Ikea shelving for the fabric stash.  The 3 shelves in the middle are for CD storage, but fat quarters in stacks fit perfectly inside each cubby.  The shelves were secured to each other and the wall, in the midst of having an earthquake.  

Painting area, has new shelving, and slowly but surely, getting everything put away in shoe boxes, cardboard, and clear sweater boxes.

My sister brought these over - they are her Barbie's, wearing clothes that I made in my youth.  It brought me back to sewing with my Grandma Alice at her house in Anaheim.  It is so funny and they are so small. Some have held up well, but the red dress looks like it's from a scene out of  'The Birds."
A night train, which was barely moving on the tracks at 8:30 at night, and it had well over 100 cars. 


  1. Love your ikea storage units, the smaller ones would be great for fat quarters and packs.


  2. I love that rhythmic sound the trains make. I grew up hearing them... but they were further away. Is it too loud for you? (But tolerable since it's just a few times a day?)

  3. I love watching all this happen! I definitely have studio envy. Is it possible, when walking by, to take a peek inside when you're there? I'm planning on driving over from Las Vegas in Oct. for a couple of days and staying with a friend in Orange. He lives in an Eichler neighborhood on Caselle. It can't be too far away! I would love to see it in person.


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