Monday, August 27, 2012

Making a Baby Quilt for the Wall

I started by Mistyfusing a variety of Batik fabrics, keeping in mind the colors for the baby's room.

Using a Goddess Sheet to fuse, to protect my iron.  Mistyfuse makes these.

Using the Goddess Sheet, it really helps the Mistyfuse bond well to the fabric.  You will always be able to tell what side the Mistyfuse is on.

Okay, I Mistyfused alot of different fabrics, to utilize all of the colors.  Whatever I don't use, will end up in the Mistyfused scrap tower, sorted by color, for some other project.
These fabrics will become the borders for my baby quilt.  You are probably asking yourself if I normally do borders, I do not, except for this particular project, where I am framing a piece of artwork in the center.

Cutting up and putting back together to create a long string of fabrics
My line drawing of what a baby is, painting with watercolors and photo transferred to fabric.  This artwork is copyrighted by me.

Free motion machine quilted.  It measures to about 11x14

Detail of one portion of the artwork

The back, and pop tops sewn onto the back for easy hanging in the baby's nursery


  1. I love how that came out, such a cute idea. I have some kid's fabrics that I won and plan on making charity quilts, so fun to see ideas that I can use to make them. I got my mistyfuse package today, so I plan on reading the packages to see what uses they have and then planning something around them.


  2. A beautiful result......smashing central designs : )


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