Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Changes in the Studio

I decided to straighten up the corner, so it at least looks nice.  Still contemplating the corner.

I am thinking this may become my large sewing area, complete with a long table for friends to come and sew, or for classes.

My desk, which I believe will be leaving, to make room for some gallery space on this wall.

Another view of the sewing area, with my Bernina on a table, and my felting machine will go on the white desk.  The desk is from my childhood bedroom.  In later years, my mom used this as her own sewing desk, and the drawers are filled with sewing treasures from her, and from my Grandma Alice, who taught be how to sew.
Looking back through the space from the front.

Another view from the left side.  It is all coming together.

The inspiration wall, and seating area.

This is my new cover page on my Facebook page.  I am absolutely thrilled how my dream studio is shaping up!.

Design wall is up and inspiring me to move onto the next piece in this series of 'Dress Up.'  Stay tuned for the next project.


  1. Looks like an incredible place to create! Enjoy!

  2. I LOVE your inspiration wall and seating area (of course, I'm still lusting after your polka dotted loveseat)...and that "corner"'ve certainly made some progress. Love the read chairs with all the lettering...did you do those (you might have mentioned them before, if so I missed it..sorry). It's really looking GREAT Jamie!

  3. Loving the idea of an inspiration WALL, never thought of that! I'm standing in line for that polka dot loveseat.

  4. Can't wait to come see your new space when you're all settled!


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