Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Heavy Metal High Heels

Major issues with Blogger in this post, probably because I started with an image from my iPhone.  So, scroll down to see this transformation from start to finish.  These shoes will be part of my 'dress up' series for 8 that Create.  More to come.
In the photo below, you can see the color laser copy of the metal.  It took me days to sew all of the metal to a piece of wool felt.  I photographed it, and printed it on a color laser jet, so that I could easily use it for other projects, and it came in handy for this one.  I used Liquitex Matte Medium to apply the paper to the shoes.
I attached the zipper with brads, after I make holes in the zipper and shoes with the Makita drill.  The right side of this school looks a little odd, only because my first idea didn't work, so this is Plan B.  Below the shoe is a photograph of the metal embellishment sheet (partial), that I use over and over again for decoupage. 
I painted the shoes with metallic silver and black paint, which made it a cool gun metal gray.  The Makita drill...a women's best friend in the studio
Sanded and painted with Gesso, inside and out
Oh, blogger, you slay me with your picture placement in this post.

 Okay, this is what I started with - a pair of high heels from Target.  I lightly sanded them inside and out, so that the paint would stick to the shoes.


  1. Love them, did you collage the metal parts?

  2. You are not the only one that had problems with Blogger. Day before yesterday could not get my Picasa photos or any writing on Blogger. Decided to wait it out, and not think it was all me... as I usually do... and next day was fine.. Sign of relief! Love the shoes!

  3. I see a really cool art exhibit in the works. Stimulating.


  4. These are just the COOLEST!!!

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