Saturday, September 08, 2012

Patterns on The Sketchbook Challenge

"Patterns" is the theme on The Sketchbook Challenge this month.  So, here is my play on words, so to speak.  I thought it was appropriate, since I've been making dresses in a series>  I do make patterns for work like this - it is the start of the design process.

a smock pattern that I could make and wear in my studio on paint days.  There are more pattern pieces on The Sketchbook Challenge blog.
a skirt pattern, those lines for lengthening and shortening here, have been re-named into 'mini' - 'knee' - 'below knee'  just for fun!

little line drawings of swatches.  Like debuting fabric for a certain project
Here is a pattern, for the background of this little black dress.  I even made a pattern for the dress, to make sure that it was the right size.

The dancer dress.  Would be a fun dress to wear and do swirls in. Pretty close to being done.  Still thinking about the bow.  I like it because it brings the piece together


  1. Love the dancer dress with the lacy hem and red bow. My mother had a polka dot dress like this, dark navy, from the 40s, I think I still have it.

  2. Great way to do something to go with your dresses. I don't get much done on weekends, too busy driving around, lol.


  3. The bow cutz in two pieces...suggest a different color than the background color unless that is what youre going for.


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