Sunday, September 09, 2012

SAQA Benefit Auction!

The SAQA Benefit Auction begins Monday, September 10th.  My art quilt is included in the first round.
"Bliss" made with silk, commercial cottons, polka dot sheer and the silk circle sheer.  Mistyfused onto wool blended felt, free motion machine quilted and painted using a polka dot stencil.

Now is your chance to buy some really fabulous fiber art!

Almost 400 fantastic art quilts, tons of bidding excitement, and a great way to support the work that Studio Art Quilt Associates does to promote the art quilt!

Art up for bid starting Monday, Sept. 10th at 2:00 Eastern:

Page 1a:
Page 1b:

Bid early and often!

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  1. So happy that I was the lucky one who got this quilt :-)


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