Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shopping in NYC

I visited the Big Apple for a long weekend, to see my daughter, go to the Quilt Alliance event "Quilters Take Manhattan" and spend time with my friend Leslie Tucker Jenison.  I'll apologize now, the photos are terribly out of order, because I uploaded them from my iPhone.

I can't remember the name of this store in SoHo, but it had 3 walls of sewing machines and it was fabulous!

My daughter and I had a lovely lunch here.  I would highly recommend their signature tea, and a lemon berry scone!  More on dining experiences, can be found on the Artists Cooking with Gas blog

The Marimekko store - always full of eye candy
Some trim that I could not live without at Mood
More inside the Marimekko store.  Not only did they have fabric, but socks and Converse shoes made with their fabrics, mugs, trays, purses, clothing and even mouse pads!
Some of the trims that I bought at Mood
Here is Leslie Tucker Jenison outside of M&J Trimming - a truly fabulous store!  I was in awe.
From Tinsel Trading.  They had amazing vintage and new trims
A sampling of the trims that I bought at M&J Trimming
And last, but not least, zipper mania - already made zipper embellishments!


  1. After seeing all of the fun photos from people who visit NY, I am tempted to go back. I went once and didn't last the day, too crowded and confusing for me, lol. We have a new train station so it will be fun to take the train in.


  2. oh what fun! I haven't been to New York in ages. looks like you're having a grand time!


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