Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quilters Take Manhattan

City Quilter in NYC had some of the "Home is Where the Quilt is" contest quilts on display in their store.  It was rather thrilling to see my entry on the wall, near the entrance of the store.  Their store is rather wonderful with a variety of fabrics, including their own line of NYC themed fabrics with the subway grid, buildings, taxi cabs, skyline, points of interest.  Also, a great selection of buttons (my fav), roving, felt, perle cotton, and amazing Batiks!

The magnitude of it all.  Taking it in, as I walked into the afternoon venue.  Each chair had a bag on it filled with wonderful treasures.  The image of my prize winning quilt "Metal Measures" from 2009 was printed on one side.  Exhilarating to say the least.  It gave me goose bumps - to see them on 300+ chairs.  The event began with an interview with Denyse Schmidt, conducted by Quilt Alliance President, Meg Cox for "Quilters SOS: Save Our Stories".  It was fabulous.  Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the acclaimed "Elm Creek" series, gave a short lecture about her journey.  Both guests did book signings.
Just a few of the treasures that were in the bag.  "15 Minutes of Play" postcard to advertise the new book by Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumblebeans), coming out soon.  Check out the package of Mistyfuse with a fabulous new custom label for the event!  You can view my sketchbook from my time in NY here
At the "After Dark" event, house quilts made by board members were available through a silent auction.  Another reason to attend these events.  I admired this art quilt when it was first posted on Facebook and her Bumblebeans blog.  I scored this magical piece made by Victoria Findlay Wolfe "Quilted Mary - watches over those who quilt."  She will be placed on the wall in my studio, to watch over me.
Her label on the back of her quilt

Here is a close up of the bag!  There are many more pictures from this event on Meg Cox's newsletter,  and  Leslie Tucker Jenison's blog and Bumble Beans blog, click here


  1. Congratulations! To have your quilt chosen to be on the goodie bag has to be a huge deal. There must have been MANY to choose from! And your typewriter quilt is still my fave out of those shown! What a fun and rewarding weekend.

  2. What a wonderful event, wish I had gone. I love how they gave you bags of goodies and that your piece was displayed on it, congratulations. And congratulations for winning Victoria's piece, and being able to place it in your quilting space.


  3. Love the bag with your quilt on it Jamie- woohoo!

  4. JAMIE takes Manhattan!! huge congrats and I can't even imagine how it felt to see all those bags.......fabulous. soak in it!

  5. Such a great weekend! I'm so happy my little quilt has a FABULOUS home! ;-) Thanks Jamie!!

  6. Jamie, looks like you really had fun in NY. Woohooo, your quilt is beside mine!


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