Saturday, September 22, 2012

New York Sketches and Pattern Play

When I was in NYC, I was thinking of the current theme for The Sketchbook Challenge "patterns."  I picked up this Moleskine Journal at the Strand bookstore (if you ever have a chance to visit the Big Apple, go to this amazing book store), which I could have spend endless hours in.
This Moleskin is rather unique in the way that the pages are set up, like a story book.  Perfect for drawing little pictures of things on my trip.  In fact it is called a Moleskin Storybook Notebook - hard bound.
We sat in Bryant Park one afternoon, and the leaves in the trees were all so beautiful.  We also drank alot of really good coffee.  The patterns in the objects just bounced into my head when I drew them.  I think the patterns add alot of zing to the drawings, not just the objects, but around the objects, as well.

Patterns in carpets, wallpaper, signs, textiles, trim, etc.

At the airport, the trash cans had great patterns of reflection on them.  The seat controls for the audio, dreaming about trim from the stores we visited, and the upper lights for reading on the plane.  Drawing always calms me, and flying in a rocky airplane, in the rain - from NY to Houston, helped me immensely.

My flight from Houston to Orange County, had a lot of turbulence, as well, so I opened a new page.  I was surprised that all of the seats were leather, so I had to document that. It was a fabulous trip, and now I am glad to be home!  Happy drawing!


  1. Great idea to have 4 sections like that..............brill to see what inspired you and then see the results!

  2. I would love to know the name of that Moleskin journal that you bought. It is perfect for the neurotic doodler that I am!
    Debby Wolff

  3. I found it on Amazon so thanks anyway. I can't wait to get it.


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