Tuesday, September 25, 2012

State of the Studio Today

Things are moving along in the studio since we last touched base

I had a plug added that comes down from the ceiling for my iron.  Most of the plugs are on the right side of the room, and I didn't want to constantly remember not to trip over a power cord.

I have a much larger fusing and design space to work on, than my previous space

This side of the table is for cutting and a small space for my desk

Above these shelves will be artwork made by friends, and pieces that I have purchased

I am pretty happy to see it take shape.  The front area still needs work, but for right now, I am really concentrating my efforts on the projects that have immediate deadlines.
My husband bought me this telescoping pool pole to use as a curtain rod.  It is really strong, and won't give out in the middle, like my last rod did.

I hung 2 sets of sheers from Ikea from the rod.  I am hoping that it cuts down some of the dirt from the truck yard next door, and gives me some privacy from cars and people walking around the office park

The shears have an elegant floral pattern in them.  They just make the scissor doors a touch better!  Now Mistyfuse and I are going to spend a few hours together, working on some new projects!  Make time for art!


  1. Everything looks nice and lots of places to create and space to hang your finished pieces.


  2. It is just becoming more and more incredibly fun and fabulous. Way to go!!

  3. I think I'm getting studio envy Jamie, this is really great

  4. looks like you are coming along wonderfully.
    Is there any chance that you will be teaching at Camp Watch a Patcher July 2013.. sponsored by Orange County Quilters Guild.
    I have attended that gathering, since the 1980's, and now that we live up near Yosemite, it is even more important for me to see my friends and take classes there. It takes place in Costa Mesa.

  5. Everything is looking wonderful! Crazy how life has to go one when you are organizing. Those pesky deadlines! ;)

  6. Anonymous6:07 PM

    just love the pictures of the studio. I have sewn for many years but just last year i started to make quilts. So i today lol created my first blog about how to start. Its so hard to take that first step.

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