Monday, October 01, 2012

Making a Prayer Flag

Using Mistyfused scraps of fabric that are leftover from other projects, I began making a prayer flag.  This one is 6x8.  I loosely ironed the pieces into place, for the background, onto a wool blended felt foundation.

Flipped it over and trimmed the overlapping edges with scissors.  You could cut them with a rotary cutter too.

I chose complimentary fabrics that sat well on the background for the cup and saucer
Comfort written on fabric with a Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric - this is the best pen that I have ever used for fabric, hands down!  I bought them on Amazon.
Comfort is ironed on below the saucer.  You know where this is going. I backed with another piece of wool blended felt in blue to give it more stability, and frankly it is easier to free motion quilt with 2 layers of wool blended felt.

Tea and Comfort.  "tea" is done on the sewing machine, free motion.  'and' is with the Pentel pen.  The piece is free motion quilted and zig zagged around the edges.  Sit down a have a soothing cup of tea and be comforted.

My prayer flags are hung in my new studio.  They are by the front door and will watch over me as I create new art, reminding me where I began, and where I am going.  Please visit The Prayer Flag Project blog, where you can find inspiration any day of the week from the contributors.  Better yet, make one yourself and share it on the blog.  Instructions for submissions are in the upper tabs.


  1. Wonderful piece and a true saying. I always got tea when I was younger, we called it weak tea with lots of milk and sugar, when we were sick.


  2. I sent my prayer flags off to the Oceanside Museum of Art, as well! Such a good feeling to know what really amazing company they will be YOU, Jamie!!!

  3. Nice clear, basic directions. I am in the process of making one myself.


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