Friday, October 19, 2012

Radio Days Re-Vamp

This old radio sat on my dad's workbench for years.  it has paint splattered on it. I unpacked it when I moved to my new studio and decided that it needed a re-do

I used painters tape to protect the front, and sanded the top and sides, so it would take acrylic paint

First layer is yellow paint, and I let it dry completely, before going to the next layer

Next layer is Orange

While the Orange paint was still wet and fresh, I ran a rubber comb through the paint to create pattern, and so you could see the Yellow.  I think it has a nice effect, especially when layering paint
A closer view

Now for the fun part, using a stencil to create a bold pattern.  This one is by Stencil Girl Products, and it spoke to me for the particular project

Look how great this looks!  Now most people would leave it alone at this point, but....

It needed polka dots in Red

I think that the stencils compliment each other well.  Now I have a modern look for my radio!

Lookin' good!
I ran some red paint on the black grid in front of the speaker, to give it a little glow


Sitting edgy amongst other painted objects in the room!


  1. That is a fun piece, really clever idea to dress up things in the house.



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