Tuesday, October 23, 2012

State of the New Studio

Hard to believe, that it has been almost three months since I first moved in.  I still have one corner to clear, but other than that, just a few boxes to clean out.  It's at the point now where friends can come to visit and sit and chat in the inspiration area.

This table is the holding area for everything that is going to Quilt Market and Festival

My sewing area is filling up, and a dear friend brought me this beautiful magenta orchid this week.  Even though it is hard to see, my iPod player has found a new home on a slide projector table that belonged to my parents.

I am loving having 2 tables for cutting and Mistyfusing

The paint table is getting alot of use this week in preparation for Open Studios, as one of my time slots is surface design/quilting.

It is so great to have this table completely cleaned off, so that friend can come and eat lunch with me!

Love the wall space, which was lacking in my former studio.  It is great to have my work on the wall, instead of in a drawer.

My goal is to have all of the boxes off the floor by Thanksgiving.  I miss my 10x10 storage room, so I am finding new ways to store supplies that I don't use very often, yet want to keep

So here we are today, and I am loving having all of this room to spread my wings and fly!


  1. I love how you have set up your studio and the fun art work and things on the walls, make it a great place to be creative.


  2. I've loved following your progress in setting up your fabulous new space. It's so exciting to have a space that's truly our own, and, while my studio is nowhere near as expansive as yours, it's MINE and I love it and the way it makes me feel. Having all of our "stuff" close at hand is so inspirational and motivating. Keep posting pictures... I love looking at them! Have fun at Houston, and don't forget pictures!!

  3. your space is adorable,fun and full of inspiration Jamie! cheers teri

  4. please let us know when Open Studio is, I would like to let my granddaughter know, she lives in your area... and would love to see your new studio...and if we are down that way, we could stop in also.

  5. It looks great, congratulations on creating an area all your own from which beautiful things will come!


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