Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's on the Table?

When I visit other people's studios, I am always curious to see what is on top of a table, desk or shelf.  A little key hole of information.   This is one corner of my paint table. 

The sewing machine table, with works in progress, waiting to be free motion machine quilted

The dump table.  Doesn't everyone have one?  Things that have come in the mail, packages from Houston, supplies, things to ship, and a random wooden hanger.  This will be next on the agenda to clean up and put everything away.

My cutting table, that doubles as a desk.  Purse, iPhone, keys
Sketchbook on paint table

The design table with lotsa fusing going on here

Larger paint table with a bigger mess

Pile of Mistyfused fabrics waiting for the next project!  That small art quilt with the house is from my article in Quilting Arts magazine Sept/Oct issue about how great it is to cut up all kinds of fabric with Havel's serrated scissors.

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