Monday, November 26, 2012

Zipper Fun

I did a Q&A at a SAQA meeting for the Southern California Region. It was quite fun to share my journey as an artist, and then open it up to questions from attendees.  There were about 35 people there.  It was great to meet new people, and reconnect with friends.  Members gave me embellished zippers that they made for a gift!  It was amazing!  Beautiful works of art.

a little closer to the details

Desiree Habicht made me this pretty darn amazing painted gourd with zippers and pulls.  It opens too!

Here is sits in my studio

another view, and look at the gift bag with a zipper in it with my initial 'J' on it.  Very clever!  Here is the link to the SAQA SoCaL/So Nev blog to view more pictures from the meeting.

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  1. What a fun collection! We're all wondering what you will do with them.


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