Friday, March 01, 2013

What's on the Design Wall?

Dem Bones!  From a group project that never got off the ground.  I am not sure what I am going to do with these pieces, but they are rather fun and intriguing.  They are on the design wall, and i am waiting for them to speak to me as to what sparks in my imagination.

The hand free motion machine quilted with black thread onto white.  The FMQ around the hand in white are words about hands.

The lady close up

Back side of the hand

The lady with her red skirt

The foot.  This actually makes me laugh when I look at it.  It reminded me of my actual foot, sewn together with metal, even though in real life, it is not

close up

close up of the free motion machine quilting of 'hand' words.  What's on your design wall?


  1. I'm sure Dem Bones will speak to you eventually. They are really cool and remind me of features for a Halloween quilt.

    Nothing is on my design wall right now. Funny you should ask though. I talked about and showed my design wall idea on my blog today - if you're interested. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am amazed that the bones were free motion quilted; I had assumed they were screen printed. Looks promising!

  3. great idea... gee bones, wonder why>>>> ha

  4. Dem lovely bones! No ankles huh? I suppose it was in too much pain to think about when you made these - however long ago that was. They are amazing though - I also thought they were screen printed.

    My design wall doesn't really exist right now. Quite sad. When I moved into the smaller studio I only have one small wall space where I can put one and I just haven't done it yet. Right now everything seems to be all over the studio instead of neatly on a wall!

  5. I love your work. The bones are great. Such detail. I am an x-ray tech so I especially love them. Thanks for the eye candy.


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