Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Work Published!

Spiritual Directors International contacted me last year about using one of my art quilts in their publication.  At first they said that it would be in black and white.

They even provided a page with a short bio about the artists and poets included in this issue

Delighted that my art quilt "Imagine" is in color and on a full page!  I mean how cool is this?
The art quilt coincides with an article about 'Becoming a Quilt.'  They found me through my blog, because I have done Liturgical work.  

More about their organization. 


  1. Congratulations! Very cool, imagine looks great.

  2. Wow.......ace piccy....Congrats!!

  3. Congrats,, always fun to see our work in print.
    Hope your 1/2 day in the studio went well!!! hugs, vivian


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