Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In the Studio

I think that during my healing process of my foot, probably one of the most frustrating parts is that I cannot do any heavy lifting, or moving furniture in my studio. Now I am feeling stronger, and more able to do some things. I moved my design table around, so that my back would not be to the front or back doors, and that has been great.

The painting part of my studio was not working, after spending quite a few days stenciling.  I could not see the front door, and therefore could not see who was outside.  A change was near.

My current working space, where I could just let the paint fall on the floor, and not care.  Love that.

I moved my tables around, so that I could have a clear view of the front door, even if I was working on the other side of the table, sitting down.

My print table is on wheels, so that I can stand or sit on a bar stool

Some pretty messy and creative art going on here.  The table is covered with a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot

By having the table at this angle, I can easily access supplies that are in the shoe boxes nearby

Here are some problem areas that are calling me.  I need to find a clever way to store things that I don't use very often.  Where will they go? Soon, I will be reorganizing this section of my studio

and this section - Workshop supplies are piling up and need to be reorganized before July to get ready for Fall workshops/classes

and this section. - Boxes still need to be unpacked and to figure out where it all goes.  I am thinking if I really need paper storage in this part of the studio.  Where will it go?  Condensed?  In bins? 

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  1. My ears perked up at "workshops and classes"!


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