Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite Motif - Houses

It has been rather fun to design a line of stencils with one of my most favorite motifs - houses! There is one stencil with 6 houses on it, available through Stencil Girl Products.  The link is below!  So exciting!

Thinking of the possibilities, as I use acrylic paint on fabric
Here is the 9x12 stencil from Stencil Girl Products

I am having alot of fun using bright colored fabrics and a variety of paint

I think they look rather striking on red fabric - a Hoffman hand dye
This is my new Facebook cover photo

Silver paint on Orange!  More designs and a whole slew of projects ahead!


  1. Those look wonderful with the houses. I do have stencil mylar, but have a hard time cutting it with my hands. What do you do to make your stencils?


  2. Love them! I do love them on the red. I'm off to check out Stencil Girl and look at your new house stencil. :-)

  3. Love your stencil designs... beautifully done! Tempted to order some, but will wait till I get back in town.. Sure they will be a big success.

    Hugs, vivian


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