Sunday, May 05, 2013

20 Dresses Wrap Up

Trying out the backing colors - black or red?  Decided on black, since there is so much red already.

Measuring the sides to make sure it is close or right on for 20 x 20 square and it's pretty close

I decided to use zipper trim all the way around the edges, therefore giving me 20 zippers too!

This is the bolt of zipper trim that I've been working off of for a couple of years
The finished 20x20 art quilt for the Quilt Alliance's 20th Anniversary and Contest.  Quilts are due by June 1st, so you still have time to make one. Click here, for the scoop.


  1. Love this. The zippers--some open and some not--add to sound and feel to these chic dresses!

  2. this is a terrific piece, Jamie!

  3. Where did you purchase your zipper trim?

    1. A. Feibusch Corp in NYC 1-888-947-7872 They are the best!


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